Get to know more about Brazilian instrumental music through these articles written by those who are protagonists in this art. Curious and funny facts, backstage recordings, analyses and testimonies of who were at the center of the events.

Bernardo Lobo


Composer, singer, instrumentalist, arranger, producer. Why is Edu Lobo considered and respected as one of the greatest composers of Brazilian popular music? Because his work

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Tom Jobim by Mario Adnet

When he began to become successful, in the Bossa Nova era, he was bombarded by critics, accused of Americanism and plagiarizing other works. In fact he has always honored his idols with a competence and elegance that only a great musician is capable of.

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Michel Freidenson

Sambalanço Trio

The “Sambalanço Trio” group is a magical meeting of 3 Brazilian music experts that influenced, inspired and motivated musicians from all over the world through

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Zé Eduardo Nazário

My Story with Hermeto Pascoal

My Story with Hermeto Pascoal and the release of the album “Hermeto Pascoal and Group Vice Versa – Traveling with Sound” The Lost 1976 Tapes.

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Sizão Machado

Quarteto Novo

Hello! From the day I chose music as a way of life, I began to pay close attention to everything that could serve as reference for

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Michel Freidenson

“Entre Núvens” CD

Luiz Millan is one of the greatest composers with whom I have the honor to have worked with; an accomplished lyricist, a more than creative

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