“Entre Núvens” CD

Luiz Millan is one of the greatest composers with whom I have the honor to have worked with; an accomplished lyricist, a more than creative composer.
I had the honor to participate as a musician and make arrangements for the “Between Nuvens” CD, with 14 unpublished compositions by Millan and partners, performed by music experts (list below).

The CD has compositions with Brazilian styles, like samba, baião, bossa nova, chorinho, frevo, waltz, and at the same time takes two steps into avant-garde music.
I have highlighted one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard: the title that names the CD, “Entre Nuvens”, was written by Luiz Millan and Maestro pianist Plinio Cutait, with the voice of one of the greatest Brazilian singers, a treasure, Consigliia Latorre . Check out the original version:
and “live” in the beautiful interpretation of Anna Setton
Note the melodic and harmonic construction of “Entre Nuvens”, the “crescendo” to an explosion, the form, it is all contagious and impressive. A different creation, magical and sweeping.
In this same CD, Millan made a beautiful tribute to his partner, dear colleague pianist composer Maestro Mozar Terra (i.m.) through the song “E o palhaco chorou”, a wonderful “chorinho” (a Brazilian music style) from this wonderful pair. For me, one of the most perfect “fittings” of lyrics that I have ever seen, in a super complicated melody. Check it out:
Another wonder is “Tijuipe”, a “baiao” (a Brazilian music style), another partnership with Plinio Cutait, where literally it seems that we are sailing in the river Tijuipe until a stillness, a delight of music with spectacular lyrics ….. “green, blue, dance over the earth and sky…”. Millan and Plinio met, without planning on anything, near the river Tijuipe, thus was born this wonder. Check out the original version with the beautiful interpretation of Ana Lee.

I hope you enjoy this CD, and look for other Luiz Millan wonders, like “O dia que São Paulo floresceu” and “Dois por Dois” CDs, released in 2016.
Hugs to everybody

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Michel Freidenson

Michel Freidenson

Considered one of the great pianists of Brazil, Michel Freidenson is a composer, producer, keyboardist and arranger. Founder of the legendary instrumental group "ZonaAzul", he participated in the effervescence of the Brazilian instrumental movement in the 80s. Throughout his career, Michel has recorded and participated with shows in Brazil and around the world, with great artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, Djavan, Pichú Borrelli, Filó Machado, Lael Medina, Ana Caram, Márcio Montarroyos (i.m.), Fafá de Belém, Ivan Lins, Bocato, Léa Freire, Teco Cardoso, Duda Neves, Sizão Machado, Candido Serra, Lô Borges, Raul de Souza, Ivan Lins, Tim Maia (i.m.), Jane Duboc, Leny Andrade, Badi Assad, Corciolli, André Christovam, Thys Van Leer and Bobby Jacos & Grupo Focus, Edu Santhana among many others, in addition to having international recognition with his "Michel Freidenson Trio "

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