One afternoon with Marc Johnson and Luiz Chaves

On two different occasions, my father (Luiz Chaves) phoned me asking if I would be available to spend the day with him helping him with translations. Although he did very well in English, he liked me to be around if he needed help. One of the times was the visit of Canadian bass player David Young, who was performing with Oscar Peterson in São Paulo. David spent a few days visiting the CLAM – the Zimbo Trio music school at that time. He also visited Luiz Chaves’s house, where they had lunch and spent the afternoon playing together. In 1987, he again asked me to accompany him during another important visit for him. This time we spent the day with bass player Marc Johnson, husband of the pianist and dear friend Eliane Elias.
We went to pick him up at Eliane’s mother’s house in the morning. After a nice visit, we went to the Brooklin neighborhood, where my father lived. During the afternoon, I savored every conversation, every note, acutely aware of the privilege of being there at that rare moment. They did not need translators because they looked like old friends, playing and telling stories.
At the end of the afternoon we visited the workshop of the famous luthier Paulo Gomes, a great friend of my father’s. Marc Johnson was delighted with his work. It is worth visiting the website “Atelier de Luteria Paulo Gomes”:

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