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Grupo Medusa
After the release of the record, they performed several shows throughout Brazil also playing in the 1982 3rd Jazz Festival in Paris.

Music production in our country defined an era with independent record labels, highlighted among them the “Sound of People” created by Walter Santos and Tereza Souza, releasing more than 40 albums (vinyl) from 1981 to 1992 with artists from the Brazilian music scene … some albums were released with the transcriptions of the songs included in the albums …

The albums were usually recorded at ”Nosso Estúdio” (SP) under the label ” Som da Gente ”, which was a milestone during that period of recording, launching and the distribution of records important to the historical music of Brazil, among others I can name the albums of Hermeto Pascoal, Cama de Gato, Roberto Sion, Grupo D’Alma, Nelson Ayres, Tetê Espindola, Hélio Delmiro and Grupo Medusa which I mention here.

The Medusa Group recorded two albums in classical formations: the first formation was in the early 1980s, with Amilson Godoy (piano), Heraldo do Monte (electric guitar, mandolin and guitar), Cláudio Bertrami (bass) and Chico Medori (drums and percussion). In 1981, “Grupo Medusa” released an LP by the same name with compositions by the late bass player Cláudio Bertrami, with the bands “Baiana”, “Zeby”, “Caminhos” and “Melting Point”. Another highlight in this album are the songs of drummer Chico Medori: “Medusa” and “Foot on the floor”, as well as “Asa Delta” and “Uma Viagem” in partnership with Bertrami. The recording of the disc counted on the participation of Theo of Cuíca and Jorginho Cebion for percussion.

Claudio Bertrami

After the release of the record, they performed several shows throughout Brazil also playing in the 1982 3rd Jazz Festival in Paris.
The group launched the “Ferrovias” LP in 1983. This was with new members Amilson Godoy (piano), Olmir Stocker “German” (electric guitar and guitar), Cláudio Bertrami (bass), Chico Medori (drums and percussion) and Theo da Cuíca (percussion) on the tracks “Fantasia”, “Cheiro Verde”, “Picadeiro” and “Beija-flor” by CláudioBertrami, “Aduba-Lé”, “Pousoem Congonhas” and “Ferrovias” by Chico Medori , “Nordestina” composition by guitarist Olmir Stocker, in addition to “Lamentos” by Pixinguinha and Vinicius de Moraes. The record had the special participation of Dominguinhos on the accordion.
The album ” Ferrovias ” sparked my interest even more in ” Medusa ”. I remember when I watched the Chico Medori video-class in 2001 … where there were also rare moments of the group registered with bassist Cláudio Bertrami, who we can see in the videos below.

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Johnny Dionysio

Johnny Dionysio

Musician, born in Curitiba, Paraná. He had his first contact with percussion at the age of five, in parades during high school. In his training he studied: musical theory, drums, guitar, symphonic percussion, band practice and orchestra.

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